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Our Commitment

To revolutionize maritime operations through cutting-edge AI, making charter party management seamlessly efficient, supremely accurate, and universally accessible, thus empowering the global shipping industry to navigate the future with confidence and ease.


MarineMind is a charter party editing tool that integrates artificial intelligence for efficiency and accuracy. Its key features are that it works across all templates for all sectors of shipping. MarineMind also strives to use data driven AI insights to deliver accurate, unbiased freight indexes.

Feature Highlights


  • Effortless Charter Party Editing: Users will be able to use the platform easily to obtain final CP. There will be no disruption in the manner in which they conduct their negotiations and finalize fixtures. 

  • AI-Enhanced Accuracy Cutting edge OCR Technolgy coupled with judicious application of AI/ML techniques will ensure that all the details, nuances and intentions of all parties are represented accurately without any errors in the final document. AI will be further deployed to deliver data insights. 

  • Secure Storage of charter parties on the cloud with indexing and search abilities. 

  •  Real-Time Collaboration to enable multiple users to collaborate on documents in real time, facilitating seamless revisions and approvals.




  • Save Time and Reduce Errors: There is no form to be filled by any party. All the terms and conditions agreed in the negotiations is transferred accurately and logically onto the final cp. This ensures accuracy of the final cp. Clients do not have to wait for the cp for weeks and have the cp in their possession during the duration of the voyage.  

  • Enhance Decision Making: Explain how the platform’s insights and analytics help in making better, data-driven decisions. 

  • Streamlined Operations: Access to the charter party at any given time allows the owner / charterer / shipbroker to describe how integrating Marine Mind into maritime operations can streamline workflows and enhance overall efficiency. 


Our Services


  • Charter Party Editing and Storage
  • Real time Freight Index for its subscribers